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SmartUse is tailored for many industries including Healthcare, Government, Industrial, Retail and Education. We hear our customers when they say a top priority is keeping every team member on the same page whether in the field or back office and that’s why so many industry professionals choose the SmartUse platform.

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General Contractors

  • No more going back to the trailer at the job site.
  • Ensure that the latest drawing and document versions are in your team’s hands.
  • Enforce timely turnarounds.
  • Audit trails and time stamps.
  • Resolve issues quickly boosting the productivity of everyone.
  • Coordinate between trades and professionals using one interface.
  • Know that any hurdles are being communicated effectively to key stakeholders.
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  • Keep your field team up-to-date with the current set on-hand.
  • Minimize risk and rework.
  • Link important documents and punch lists using one interface.
  • Reduce the time spent resolving issues by identifying and assigning them as they happen.
  • Collaborate with team members on the same document in real-time.

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  • Achieve your business goals in a timely manner and save costs by going paperless
  • Make sound decisions with instant updates and accurate information
  • Maximize your budget using streamlined workflows
  • Quick access to as-builts for future projects and facilities management
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  • Automatically split drawings set
  • Automatically ordered revisions
  • Share and allow project members to markup and collaborate on same set
  • Resolve problems quickly with easy to use issue tracking feature

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