Product Features

With SmartUse, leverage your team’s expertise by connecting trades and keep everyone on the current set, reducing errors and increase your productivity.

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Document Management

Have all your projects’ drawings and documents centralized on a cloud-based solution, easily accessible.  With unlimited storage for your active projects, your organization can  manage more effectively all your documents (sheets, shop drawings, specs, etc.).  Additionally, with built-in audit trails you can maintain accountability across your entire project team. Also, you have control over versioning and user permissions, so you can be worry free knowing everyone is always on the current set and can collaborate based on the permissions you select.

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App Syncing

Instantly be notified of updates made by any team member. Whether it’s a contractor in the field or an architect in the office, everyone will be informed and have the most up-to-date information when connected. On the go? No problem, select the drawings and documents you need and mark them up offline. As soon as you are back online, all the changes you made will automatically be synced to the cloud. All project team members can work on the same drawings and documents at the same time without conflict. If you only need a few documents from a complete set, simply create your own sub-set with our Favorites feature.

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Advanced Drawing Viewer

When it comes to your drawings, SmartUse knows that you need an immediate response to your input. Therefore, we have invested time into our PDF processing, so you don’t have to. As soon as you tap on a plan, it opens. With a mouse or a touch, without freeze-frame, pan left to right, upwards or downwards smoothly. Zoom-in and out a minute detail without loosing focus.

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Issue Tracking

Drop punch list items and track them from beginning to end. Right from your device, submit and manage issues with ease. As the owner or assignee of an anomaly, receive status change notifications. Use our export tool to report the deficiencies list in any office compatible format.

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Sharing Sheets and Documents

Forget multiple cloud-based storage solutions, SmartUse has all you need to download or share via email. Whether you want to send snapshots of viewing areas, full sheets with all visible markups or other project documents, it is all available to you. At the end of a project, in one-click, close-up with a complete as-built.

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360 Photos

With the 360 photo view, your teams will be able to see it as if they were there. Remotely, you will be able to see what is being done on site.  You will be able to pan, zoom-in, zoom-out  and do this from every possible angle. 

Markups Image


Our straightforward and effective markup tools enable you to annotate, stamp or add hyperlinks to any document from your drawings such as RFIs and specifications. Take and markup photos directly on your drawings. Keep your annotations history with automatic revisions. Create layers to organize your observations. Share your layers with a group of people, make them visible to the entire project team or keep them private, the choice is yours.

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Quantity Takeoffs

With our measurement tools, quickly get the dimensions of a perimeter or an area. Need to know how many doors there are on your plan? In a cinch, using our count feature, get the number of items depicted on a drawing and even export it to an excel file.

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Sheet Compare

At a glance, using the overlay mode, see the differences between revisions or clash detection when overlaying sheets from different trades. You can also use the align mode to move sheets manually when overlapping. Work with two levels of details and display your drawings side-by-side. Share, print or save a compare session (side-by-side or overlay) with your markups.

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SmartUse submits itself to the highest cloud security standards.  To safeguard your information, all data is transferred through the industry norm 2048-bit SSL encryption and hosted on Microsoft Azure. To ensure that we are on top of any potential breaches, we conduct yearly penetration tests as well as security audits.


As for the app security, SmartUse offers role-based authorization.  Our administration console enables you to grant and revoke accesses and provide different permission tiers.

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