Work with drawings, plans, and documents?

Work Smarter

View, Compare, Mark Up and Share In Real Time

Why SmartUse?


Auto-Link Callouts

The SmartUse app automatically creates hyperlinks to your detail callouts so you can navigate between sheets faster.

Collaborate Live

Collaborate in real-time with your team from anywhere. Instantly share markups, new revisions, RFIs, pictures, and written or audio notes.

Work Intuitively

Be productive from the outset. Unlike complicated software, SmartUse is touch-simple, as you’d expect from an app.

Open, Pan and Zoom Quickly

Manipulate multiple documents more efficiently than possible with paper plans. Views as thumbnails or expand to full size.

Use On Apple And Microsoft OS

Work with plans on Apple iPad devices, Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 computers, and tablets and large screens running the Windows 8 OS.

Compare Two or More Sheets

Detect clashes by overlaying plans from multiple trades. Or compare sheets side-by-side to track progress between revisions.

Pull Plans From Many Sources

SmartUse is Available on Many Devices
SmartUse is Available on Many Devices

Large Screens

Work On Drawings At Their Actual Size

When used on large, interactive touch screens, the SmartUse app enables the full-size plan viewing that project teams prefer. Users say their meetings take less time while generating more useful information about the project’s requirements.

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SmartUse Packages

All Projects

  • Annual subscription enables you to use SmartUse across all your projects.
  • Unlimited project team members and unlimited sheets.

Single Project

  • Use SmartUse on a single named project.
  • Unlimited project team members and unlimited sheets on that project.


  • A fixed fee to use SmartUse for 60 days across as many projects, team members, and sheets as you like.
  • Unlimited project team members and unlimited sheets for the evaluation period.

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